Disposable Respirators

2000 Series

Ergonomic design to deliver outstanding levels of comfort in a single bag. Cut-out shape to provide excellent compatibility with goggles.

An innovative design
The 2000 series mask is ergonomically designed to provide comfort and optimum protection
Panoramic field of vision
Cut-out around the eyes to increase the field of vision and make it easier to wear in combination with safety eyewear. The wider field of vision enables users to carry out their activities in complete safety, including those requiring the user to lower his head.
An original nose bridge
The ultra-flat and coated nose bridge can be easily adjusted to ensure it is perfectly sealed, while the colour coding makes it easy to identify the classification of the mask within the standard.
Exceptional comfort
So soft, lightweight and ergonomic that the user forgets they are wearing a mask, it’s just like a second skin: they can work efficiently all day long.
The Willtech face seal
The hypoallergenic and anti-perspirant Willtech seal is composed of 3 layers: polyester fabric, polyurethane foam and polyethylene film. It absorbs perspiration and provides the user with a seal that is perfectly leak-tight. It prevents the risk of irritation and is soft on the skin for greater comfort.
• Respiratory Protection
• Flatfold masks
• Disposable
  • Latex free
  • PVC Free
  • Silicone Free
  • Flat-fold respirator packed in an individual sealed bag reusable during breaks
  • Preformed and coloured nosebridge within the standard
  • Cut-out shape
  • Large inner volume
  • Fluid-resistant outer shell
  • Very soft internal lining and hypoallergenic Willtech™ nose seal with absorptive properties
  • Shielded exhalation valve with an exclusive design
  • Welded strap
  • Ultra-light respirator (13g)
  • Easy transportation and storage to prevent contamination before, during and after use
  • Perfect mask adjustment & identification of its protection level
  • Wide field of vision facilitating simultaneous use of safety goggles
  • Enhanced breathing comfort
  • Protection from liquid splashes
  • Exceptional comfort and fit
  • Avoids damage to the membrane while providing very low exhalation resistance
  • No irritation at the fastening point
  • Limited wearers’ fatigue
  • No restriction with regard to applications and allergies.
  • Environmentally friendly
Industries & Applications
  • Automotive and Part Manufacturer
  • Building and construction
  • Chemical Industries
  • Foundry
  • General Industry
  • Glass Industries
  • Iron and steel industry
  • Laboratory
  • Main
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Mining and Quarrying
  • Textile industry
  • Sanding or Cutting wood
Applications: Textile, mining, construction, iron and steel industries, car body preparation industry, woodworking (including oak, beech, exotic woods), agricultural and horticultural activities, food industry, cutting and moulding of metals, pharmaceutical manufacturing, nuclear industry, toxic waste treatment, battery (Ni-Cad), biological risks, etc ...
Protects against dusts, mists and fumes containing calcium carbonate, clay, kaolin, cellulose, cotton, flour, ferrous metals, cement, sodium silicate, sulphur, glass fibers and plastics, hardwood, coal, quartz, nonferrous metals, copper, aluminium, barium, titanium, vanadium, chrome, manganese, molybdenum, antimony, nickel, platinum, rhodium, strychnine, uranium, moderately radio-active particles, vegetal and mineral oils, metal-working fluids (this list is non-exhaustive).
EC Category PPE: 3
Quality Assurance: ISO 9001 / 2000
Certifications: EN 149:2001+A1:2009

Life Cycle: 3 years
Storage Information: Temperature range of storage conditions: -20°C/+40°C
Maximum relative humidity of storage conditions: less than 95%
Maximum usage level
Can be used in atmospheres containing solid and/or liquid aerosols in concentrations corresponding the average toxicity. "NR" (Non-Reusable) marked; it can be used one single shift (according to EN 149:2001+A1:2009). Certain restrictions or limitations may apply in the case of specific contaminants Please refer to applicable health and safety standards.
This single use filtering half-mask should NOT be used in the following situations:
  • Oxygen concentration is less than 17% (oxygen-deficient atmospheres)
  • Contaminants or their concentrations are unknown or are immediately dangerous to life or health
  • Contaminants concentrations exceed levels fixed by applicable health and safety standards
  • In the presence of toxic or radio-active contaminants
  • In the presence of gases or vapors
  • In the explosive atmospheres
  • Firefighting.
Referrence nr.DescriptionSizeClassificationExhalation valveSealFastenersPackaging Box/Case/PaletteMOQNPFAPFPrevious referrence
1031590HONEYWELL 2110 FFP1 NR DM/LFFP1 NR DNOYESElastic20/200/540020044 
1031591HONEYWELL 2111 FFP1 NR D VM/LFFP1 NR DYESYESElastic10 44 
1031592-V2HONEYWELL 2210 V2 FFP2 NR DM/LFFP2 NR DNOYESElastic20/200/540010012101031592
1031593-V2HONEYWELL 2211 V2 FFP2 NR D VM/LFFP2 NR DYESYESElastic10 12101031593
1031594-V2HONEYWELL 2311 V2 FFP3 NR D VM/LFFP3 NR DYESYESElastic10 50201031594
Data Sheet
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HPPE Respiratory EU 2000 Datasheet
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HPPE Respiratory EU 2000 Datasheet
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