Diagnostic and Calibration

TS Series

Strain gage transducer simulator. Rugged weatherproof case. Precision wire wound resistors


The Model TS is a strain gage transducer simulator for use in calibration or testing display/indicators and signal conditioning amplifiers (pressure, force, torque, or weigh systems). It greatly assists in trouble shooting and testing of systems that use strain gage transducers. The Model TS simulates either a 350 ohm or 5000 ohm strain gage transducer bridge with precise adjustments for transducer sensitivities in five ranges in 0.5 mV/V to 10 mV/V. The output adjustments are in 10% increments from 0 to 100% of each of the above ranges. No batteries to replace as the excitation voltage is supplied by the instrument to be calibrated.

  • Easy to use
  • Simulates either 350 or 5000 ohm transducer bridge
  • Rugged, weatherproof case
  • Precision wire-wound resistors