Room Terminals

Systevo Room Terminal (SRT)

Room terminal with 2,8” capacitive touch color display to support the daily care processes in care facilities.

Room terminal with 2,8” capacitive touch color display to support the daily care processes in care facilities. User-friendly user interface to ensure runtime-critical and relevant data and process flows for user groups such as nursing staff and supporting personnel (including IT department, technical service). Reduction of travel times to optimize productivity and efficient information flow of care tasks.Designed as communication unit for full-duplex operation, in a high-quality surface-mounting housing for residents'/patients' rooms, the Systevo Room Terminal serves as well as the central control unit for the functions in the respective room and as a gateway to the overriding central unit (via data bus).Intuitive operation via the backlit touch-display with high color brilliance and good readability in different environmental parameters (brightness, distance), and the color-coded pushbuttons marked with symbols.Display of system messages with set presence (alarms, calls and presences, etc.) with the highest priority in color, prioritized order. Acoustic call forwarding when presence is set and possibility of triggering further calls.Display of system time / date.Built-in loudspeaker and microphone for two-way intercom communication in hands-free mode (full duplex) and announcements reception, via bus technology.Supports bed-wise speech communication in combination with an optional bed unit and patient handset.The Systevo Room Terminal consists of a terminal housing with integrated electronics that can be snapped onto the associated connection board, for integration on the corridor data bus (ZBUS).Associated multifunctional room units as well as the corridor lamp, can be connected to the room controller via the integrated data bus (DBUS) as well as using the integrated call inputs (I/O).Includes a user-friendly installation technology with color-coded connection terminals for each individual device and control functions, for a more efficient cabling and for an optimized commissioning process.Monitoring/synchronization of all data traffic as well as audio communication (conversations, announcements) to other rooms within the organizational unit, coordination of communication with the central units and other data bus participants.The configuration data of the room and associated profiles (functions, I/O, device services) are stored locally (flash memory).Support of the cyber security requirements of modern data bus infrastructures.Upgradable to future system firmware thanks to advanced flash storage technologies.Includes the option for automated software update during operation.A multi-stage security concept enables local call signaling in case of missing communication with the central unit of the system.Optional system functions subject to license are provided by corresponding software licenses.Special material properties:• High-quality, hardened glass integrated into the surface-mounted plastic housing for easy cleaning / disinfection of the device.• High quality plastic compound with antimicrobial surface for reduction of existing bacteria and to prevent their reproduction.• Good mechanical properties with high resistance to the daily stress (operation, cleaning, disinfection, impacts, etc.).• Suitable for use in care facilities with high requirements in terms of hygiene, stability, longevity and durability (continuous operation).• Plastic compound (PC + ABS-FR), matt finish• UV-resistant, impact-resistant• Heat-resistant, stability• Longevity, durability, Halogen-free• Flame protection (fire protection class V0)Control elements (touch display):• Panel size: 2.8”• Technology: TFT LCD, LED lighting• Resolution: 240x320• Touch technology: capacitive• Glass: Gorilla™ glass 3rd gen.• Touch buttons: 2 x backlighted capacitive for Call and Presence• Soft buttons (optional feature): 2 x integrated on the capacitive touch display for Doctor Call and Presence 2