Operational Intelligence

Helping Our Customers Return to Work

One Platform to Monitor Valuable IT Assets

Many mobile devices are not performing to expectations or are being improperly maintained, impacting business productivity and profitability. 

Operational Intelligence is centralized, cloud-based platform to manage the complete lifecycle, operational visibility, and performance analysis of assets, people, and tasks. With embedded hardware sensors designed into Honeywell products, the solution continuously extracts performance data that is periodically sent to the cloud for analysis. Operational Intelligence provides an intuitive user interface to your IT assets’ performance metrics and delivers actionable insights that bridges the gap commonly missed by Asset Management or Mobile Device Management solutions.

Operational Intelligence Performance Professional now takes a step ahead to deliver health crisis response.

Master IT Management

Helping Shape the Future of our Customers’ Operations  

Discover What’s Possible With Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence offers three solution bundles. 


Elevate your base performance with cloud technology. 

Do you have visibility into your IT assets’ performance? Connect your printers, scanners and mobile devices to the cloud to track, analyze and report on their operational effectiveness. Follow battery performance, scanner and printer transaction rates, as well as device usage levels. Monitor drop events and log printer issues that cost you unwanted downtime.

  • Engage with integrated dashboard

  • Get event logging

  • Access telematic device data

  • Printer and scanner visibility


Cybersecurity isn’t optional. 

Did you know that a data breach costs an average of U.S.$3.8 million? By remotely updating software, firmware and security patches as well as ensuring timely configuration, not only do you reduce time spent on manual updates, you prevent costly security breaches and avoid device loss with real-time location tracking.

Operational Intelligence is helping workers return to work. 

  • Health crisis response

  • Find my device

  • Software updates

  • Advanced battery lifecycle manager


IT asset repair should not be a guessing game. 

When 25 percent of RMA returns are identified as no fault found, the repairs workflow needs intelligence. Streamline your repairs with a vendor-agnostic solution that systematically standardizes, manages and optimizes the repair process, providing an in-depth analysis of your devices’ repair history with a direct web interface into the repair center.

  • Manage RMAs and SLAs

  • Right-size, right-place your spare pool

  • Integrated web RMA creation

  • No fault found

Learn more about Operational Intelligence and request a free demo by talking to one of our solution experts. 

Build the Single Source of Truth
When all your assets are in a single database in the cloud, you’re empowered to make decisions based on their location, service contract and journey through repairs.

Turn Raw Data Into Predictable Patterns
By systematically and routinely capturing raw data, our analysis engine can provide you with actionable insights and paint an overall picture of your workers’ usage patterns.

Track Every Move and Drop
With our advanced analysis tools that capture embedded sensor data, you can easily monitor support location, recovery, field use and care of devices.

A Seamless Update Process
Using data captured in the Performance Management Engine, we deliver and install software updates to your mobile computers, printers and scanners.

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