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Gain Intelligent Visibility into Retail Operations with Honeywell Operational Intelligence

See Beyond Just Data with Honeywell Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence by Honeywell empowers retail management to optimize salesfloor and backroom processes and manage associate devices with data and actionable insights that lead to greater productivity. With Honeywell Operational Intelligence on your side, effortlessly unearth opportunities for improvement – even the ones you didn’t know were there. Then, act on those insights to set up automated workflows, such as:

  • Real-time device and app analytics
  • Device location tracking and usage monitoring
  • Mobility device check out/check in
  • Battery health notifications

Achieve Intelligent Visibility With Honeywell Operational Intelligence

Increased visibility into operations with data means nothing without a plan of action. That’s why future-focused retailers need to pursue intelligent, store-level visibility into existing operations.   

Here’s how Honeywell Operational Intelligence helps retailers achieve intelligent visibility into their operations to help optimize workflows:

Workflow Automation
Help identify and proactively address process inefficiencies with salesfloor and backroom workflows, affording retailers the ability to diminish costly impacts and improve customer satisfaction.

Predictive Analytics
Configure it to notify managers of unexpected red flags, such as bad device batteries that require replacing, so these challenges can be addressed before they impact an associate’s shift.

Actionable Data
Make your data work for you, not the other way around. By supplementing it with valuable insights, Honeywell Operational Intelligence provides actionable data so management can make informed decisions.

Centralized Dashboard
Managers can track the Honeywell Operational Intelligence-enabled mobility device data via a centralized dashboard and leverage the actionable insights to make informed salesfloor and backroom workflow optimizations.

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How Honeywell Operational Intelligence Supports Retailers 

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