Commercial Gas Detection
Commercial Gas Detection

Commercial Gas Detection

Various gas detection solutions designed for use in commercial buildings, shopping centers, office towers, universities and more.

Save Seconds – Save Lives

Safety failings lead to tragic consequences. In gas detection, every second counts and choosing the right gas detection solution is a key challenge for safety professionals who can’t afford to get it wrong.

With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, Honeywell has been influential in gas detection since the very beginning. Honeywell’s historic products set new benchmarks for gas detection in terms of performance, ease of use and innovation.

Today, Honeywell’s gas leak detectors have evolved to meet the requirements of diverse industries and applications, delivering comprehensive solutions designed to drive down the cost of gas detection, while providing enhanced safety and peace of mind.

Detect gas leaks as they happen and make fast and informed decisions in case of any gas leak emergency.