BarTender® UltraLite Label Making Software

Label Making Software for all Honeywell Printers


Printing high quality labels is just one part of managing supply chain functions such as manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. That's why BarTender® UltraLite Label Making Software for Honeywell has the intelligence to run as both a standalone solution and as a part of your other software applications. And it’s free of charge. 

BarTender UltraLite for Honeywell is a label design and printing application based on the industry-leading BarTender software package from Seagull Scientific. Incorporating BarTender’s most frequently used features, BarTender UltraLite for Honeywell makes design tasks, even for complex labels, fast and easy. 

It features advanced printer management and advanced security functions. And the BarTender UltraLite Label Making Software integrates seamlessly with Honeywell InterDriver™ Windows® drivers. 

Key Features

  • Free

Available for download, free of charge

  • Compatible

Supports all Honeywell fixed and rugged mobile printers

  • Straightforward

Create labels in a true WYSIWYG user interface. A “new label” wizard streamlines proper label setup and optimizes performance.

  • Create on the Fly

Drag-and-drop creation of all objects, including lines, boxes, ellipses and graphics

  • Broad Font Support

TrueType®, Adobe®, PostScript®, downloadable, and built-in printer fonts

  • Broad Barcode Support 

Extensive library of industry-standard barcode formats

For more about what your business can accomplish with BarTender UltraLite Label Making Software, contact us today.