Last Mile

Superior Delivery in the Last Mile

With the recent surge in last mile deliveries, the need for productivity and efficiency has never been greater. In addition to the increase in shipments, Transportation and Logistics (T&L) companies have also had to adopt new processes to adhere to social distancing protocols and shift to contactless deliveries. Honeywell understands these complex challenges T&L companies are facing and has software solutions to help. 

Bill of Lading (BOL) is a significant part of the last mile delivery process. It establishes proof the package has been delivered and acts as a receipt. Recent safety protocols have required traditional BOL data capturing for both commercial products and essential goods to transition to digital, contactless proof of delivery. Honeywell’s complete solution of mobility devices combined with data capture software can be used to replace paper BOLs with contactless, electronic BOLs. Our solution makes it easy to digitize documents in the field while adhering to safety protocols. 

In addition to all of the changes, the need for visibility has never been greater. Honeywell offers a comprehensive logistics platform, that when paired with our mobility devices, enables the efficient movement of goods. It offers real-time visibility and predictability and empowers organizations to increase on-time deliveries and SLA adherence. With this solution you can reduce customer status check calls, improve efficiencies and reduce delays that eat into profits and decrease customer satisfaction.  

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Efficiency and Accuracy Through the Last Stop