There’s a true cost to working in the construction industry, which is the most dangerous industry in the UK. Hazards are everywhere, so taking the proper precautions can prevent injuries and save lives. Being prepared means understanding and mitigating risks, providing safe and compliant protection and personal protective equipment (PPE) that withstand the demands when it matters most. Honeywell construction solutions are designed to ensure safety that is always on until the last worker safely clocks out.

Fall Protection

Safety at height, elevated

The first step to safer high-rise construction is knowing the risks. The second is knowing how to mitigate them. We are here to help.  Honeywell offers personal and collective fall-protection solutions, comprehensive training and a wealth of educational materials to protect your workers at height, boost their confidence and ensure your compliance and productivity.

We offer head-to-toe PPE to protect your workers on a construction site.


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Taking Worker Safety To the Edge

How to Spot Everyday Dangers in High-Rise Construction

Honeywell HydroShield Anti-Fog Coating

*1,830 cases per 100,000 workers* - LFS, estimated annual average 2018/19-2020/21