Maintenance Services

Support for the Entire Device Lifecycle

Service Plans

Under the umbrella of Support Services, Edge Services offers a variety of maintenance plans to support your Honeywell mobile computers, printers, and scanners.    

Service plans to repair and protect your fleet of devices: 

The Platinum Service Solution protects everything from the device to the device accessories, including repair or replacement.   

Gold Maintenance Service allows you the flexibility to customize the service contract to meet your unique needs while providing a predictable cost to help manage your budget. 

Basic Warranty Services allow you to extend the manufacturer warranty for up to two additional years.  Even if a device sustains damage not covered by the manufacturer warranty, Honeywell will still repair your devices on a per incident basis for a flat fee.        

Other services offered to support your operations:   

  • On-site service upgrade*: Certified technicians come to your location for maintenance or repair 

  • Certified Refurbished Devices: Extending the life of your current fleet 

  • Manage capital spend with Honeywell as a Service        

At every stage, Honeywell Edge Services give you the confidence of having leading-class technology combined with service and support plans that will maximize the uptime and the return on investment for your devices.

*Only available on Industrial and Desktop printers; May not be available in all regions