With the recent surge in last mile deliveries, the need for productivity, efficiency, and visibility has never been greater. In addition to the increase in shipments, Transportation and Logistics (T&L) companies have also had to adopt new processes to adhere to social distancing protocols and shift to contactless deliveries. Honeywell understands these complex challenges T&L companies are facing and has software solutions to help.

Real-Time Tracking and Visibility

随着最近最后一公里交付的激增,对生产力和效率的需求也愈加增加。除了货运量增加,运输和物流(T&L) 公司还不得不采用新的流程,以遵循社交距离解决方案,并转向非接触式交付。霍尼韦尔了解交通运输和物流公司所面临的这些复杂挑战,并拥有软件解决方案来提供帮助。

提货 (BOL)是最后一公里交付流程的重要组成部分。它可证明包裹已递送,且可充当收据。最近的安全协议要求商业产品和必需品的传统 BOL 数据获取向数字化、非接触式交付证明转变。霍尼韦尔全面的移动设备解决方案结合数据采集软件,可用于将纸质 BOL 替换为非接触电子 BOL。我们的解决方案可在遵守安全协议的同时,轻松实现现场文档数字化。

除了所有变化外,对可见性的需求也有所增加。霍尼韦尔提供全面的物流平台,当我们的移动设备配合使用时,可实现高效的货物运输。它提供实时可见性和可预测性,使组织能够提高按时交付能力 SLA 合规性。通过此解决方案,您可以减少客户状态检查操作,提高效率,减少导致利润损失和降低客户满意度的延迟。



Bill of Lading (BOL) is also a significant part of the last mile delivery process. It establishes proof the package has been delivered and acts as a receipt. Recent safety protocols have required traditional BOL data capturing for both commercial products and essential goods to transition to digital, contactless proof of delivery. Honeywell’s complete solution of mobility devices combined with data capture software can be used to replace paper BOLs with contactless, electronic BOLs. Our solution makes it easy to digitize documents in the field while adhering to safety protocols.

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