Honeywell BW™ Connect

With the new Honeywell BW™ Connect, you can instantly transform your dependable BW gas detectors into wireless gas monitoring devices. This adapter can be attached quickly to your current detectors and paired with any smartphone via Bluetooth®.


 For wireless gas detection, complexity and cost are two key barriers in the compliance segment. The new Honeywell BW™ Connect is an easy-to-use adapter, with no screws or tools needed for installation. The solution is also cost-effective, thanks to bundle pricing and the option to use your smartphone. Moreover, the Honeywell BW™ Connect is reliable, bringing wireless connectivity to your trusted gas-leak detection solutions for even more peace of mind and assurance that your business is protected while ensuring full compliance. 
Total connectivity – thanks to the BW™ Connect adapter you can get wireless gas detection by transforming your current gas detectors into smart, connected devices.  
Easy setup – the setup process is simple and includes three steps: 1) sliding the adapter onto the charging port of the BW detector, 2) downloading the Safety Communicator App, and 3) pairing the detector with a smartphone via Bluetooth®. 
Remote access and control – access data in real-time on any smartphone device via the Safety Communicator App. 
Compliance at a glance – by using this cost-effective adapter, you can connect to Honeywell remote monitoring software and verify compliance, see automatically generated logs of gas incidents, check bump tests and calibration; safety managers can improve safety, compliance, emergency response, and administration. 
Maximized uptime – with real-time gas monitoring and enhanced quick reaction, you can maximize your hardware uptime while minimizing your related costs and risks to your employees’ safety.  
Fast response – get instant alerts whenever a gas leak detector goes into alarm and receive man down notifications.