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Labor Management Software

Measure, Manage and Plan Warehouse Labor to Increase Productivity, Efficiency and Performance

Whether you’re running a distribution center or trying to integrate e-commerce fulfillment models in your retail network, labor management software (LMS) is an essential tool for increasing employee productivity and maintaining high customer service levels. GoalPost® LMS by Honeywell Intelligrated was designed to address the myriad challenges associated with labor management by maximizing labor productivity and minimizing labor costs.

GoalPost LMS delivers the on-demand intelligence to measure, manage and plan warehouse labor allocations to increase productivity, efficiency and overall facility performance in demanding distribution and manufacturing operations. With dynamic and flexible reporting, analytics and executive dashboards, GoalPost LMS is built to deliver continuous productivity improvements and labor cost reductions. Our feature-rich GoalPost LMS platform helps warehouse supervisors calculate incentive pay based on accurate worker performance evaluations, labor standards and built-in training curves.

With GoalPost LMS, you’ll have the coaching and mentoring tools at your disposal to improve the productivity of each worker and exceed facility performance goals — all while gaining the operational insights to allocate labor and monitor order fulfillment status in real time. GoalPost LMS enables enterprise-level strategic decision making to help you efficiently manage productivity, improve process quality, streamline training, and ensure order accuracy throughout your facility. And when paired with Honeywell Intelligrated’s Momentum™ warehouse execution system, these tools become even more robust.

The costs of attracting, hiring, training and retaining qualified employees are consistently among the highest expenses incurred by a typical DC operation. That’s why facility managers are constantly focused on finding ways to mitigate these risks and keep labor costs to a minimum. GoalPost LMS provides advanced prediction models that help identify resources at risk for attrition, allowing your team to engage them, rather than face additional costs to the bottom line.

In recent years, many traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have experienced similar challenges to warehousing as they’ve entered the online fulfillment arena to compete with pure-play, e-commerce competitors — either through click-and-collect or direct-to-consumer fulfillment offerings. Combining GoalPost LMS with the Honeywell Voice platform, our Connected Retail offering is designed to enhance performance efficiencies in the execution of retail fulfillment tasks, while helping employees provide excellent in-store service to customers.

Through user-friendly tools, Connected Retail provides “just-in-time” labor by optimizing the required manpower needed for the volume of work, available resources and required completion times. This optimization leads to enhanced efficiency, accuracy and predictability while maintaining customer service levels and providing workforce performance visibility into each individual worker.

In addition, we back each installation with comprehensive lifecycle support, along with the expertise to enable fast return on investment and continuous improvement throughout the life of the program.

GoalPost LMS performance management modules include:

  • Labor tracking
  • Enterprise reporting and data analysis
  • Incentive and performance calculation
  • Labor planning and execution monitoring
  • Attrition modeling
  • Time tracking
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Training
  • Data integration
  • XYZ distance calculation

Labor Management Software