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As one of the most dangerous workplaces in the world, mines demand the highest levels of protection. From helmets to portable gas detectors, Honeywell mining solutions help ensure your workers make it back to the surface unharmed.

Hazards Beneath the Surface

As one of the most unpredictable working environments, mines demand the highest levels of protection from hazards such as coal dust, excessive noise, UV exposure, and chemical hazards. 

Emergencies such as leaks of methane, hydrogen sulfide, or other dangerous gases are constant threats. 

Honeywell’s safety solutions help ensure your workers make it back to the surface unharmed.

Mining for Safety

Honeywell offers a comprehensive range of gas and flame detection products and services dedicated to all types of working environments.

Our gas and flame detectors – provide exceptional protection ensuring the most complete coverage, detection, hazard mitigation to help keep workers safe. 

We also make liquid-resistant safety footwear for the mining industry and escape respirators to supply breathing air in emergency situations. 

Honeywell escape respirators provide workers the time they need to escape from toxic or oxygen-deficient atmospheres safely. They are efficient, comfortable, easy to use and can be donned and functioning within seconds.

Embedded Solutions for Reliable Heavy Equipment Vehicles

Customers operating in heavy-duty applications need high accuracy, reliability, and enhanced safety. Our extensive portfolio includes a multitude of products for engine and transmission applications, as well as temperature sensors, ignition switches, turn signals, headlights, that meet the requirements of the harshest environments.

Honeywell North® HM500 Series Half Mask

The Honeywell North® HM500 Series Half Mask is engineered as a lightweight: durable soft half mask with easy operation features. Available in non-drop-down and drop-down versions: to ensure better comfort and convenience for extended wear. The drop-down option allows workers to remove the masks without taking off hard hats: earmuffs or eyewear.

Honeywell Rig Dog™

Tough jobs call for tough gloves. New Rig Dog gloves are made to keep your team safe and in control when handling hazardous oily surfaces. They provide enhanced impact protection, they meet the EN388:2016 and have been developed to achieve the highest level of impact protection (level 3) from ANSI/ISEA 138 to be published in 2019.

Honeywell BW™ Ultra

The Honeywell BW™ Ultra is a five-gas detector from Honeywell that is designed specifically for sampling and monitoring confined spaces, before and after entry. It benefits from unmatched sensor technology, visibility on gas readings, comfort, and connectivity – even in most extreme working conditions.

Motion & Position Sensors

Rotary potentiometers, magnetic position sensors, resolvers, proximity sensors, & aerospace position measurement.

Industrial Pressure Sensors

Built for the toughest applications. Our heavy duty pressure products are known industry-wide for enhanced quality, reliability, & service.

Limit Switches

A broad & deep limit switch portfolio, including global, heavy-duty, miniature, general purpose, hazardous location and sealed switches.

Temperature Sensors

RTD & thermistor sensing elements & packaged temperature probes; commercial, precision & high reliability thermostats/thermal switches.

The Honeywell North HM500 Series Half Mask

Honeywell BW™ Solo - Single Gas Detection for Hazardous Environments

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