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Drive your business performance

Whether you operate in Retail, Healthcare, Distribution Centers, Transportation, or Logistics, Honeywell Productivity Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of technology solutions designed to seamlessly connect your workforce, streamline processes, and manage assets effectively.

Identify efficiency opportunities

Increase employee communication and collaboration

Unlock worker productivity & utilization gains

Workforce Intelligence

Digitize your workforce to streamline processes, improve quality and drive continuous improvement through insights and analytics.

Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence (OpIntel) is a platform that lets you manage the entire lifecycle, visibility, and performance of your assets, people, and tasks. You can choose to deploy it in the cloud or on premise, based on your needs and preferences. OpIntel is more than a mobile device management (MDM) solution. It is an asset intelligence platform that helps you anticipate problems before they occur, using advanced analytics and machine learning.

Voice Guided Work Solutions

Honeywell Voice Guided Work Solutions, driving productivity and efficiency through voice automation.

Guided Work Solutions for Maintenance & Inspection

Voice automation standardizes maintenance and inspection (M&I)  procedures to prevent downtime while ensuring consistent, accurate documentation and adherence to compliance requirements.

Smart Talk

Enable employees to be more productive with a unified communications offering that comprises a full suite of functions: Push To Talk (PTT), Voice and Video calls, messaging and more.


Honeywell barcode decoding software offers all the essential tools you need to develop mission-critical barcode decoding and character recognition apps.

Enabling Software

Essential software tools for mobile computers, scanners, printers to ensure user experience and productivity.