One sensor at a time

Connecting the World

Airline services have evolved in exciting ways, making air travel safer, more comfortable and more efficient. Sensors are now at the hearts of modern avionics and spacecraft control systems, while real-time tracking of assets and people has become key to operational success.

Industry Expertise to Keep the World Connected

With over 50 years of experience designing and delivering aerospace products, Honeywell is a leading supplier of sensing technology. Our position sensors, sealed, basic, limit, and thermostatic switches are found on a wide range of commercial and military aircrafts.

Honeywell also enables business aviation operators to access data-driven insights to optimize flight operations, connectivity services and maintenance. 

Our fleet management and global tracking solutions help you track, monitor and protect your high-value assets and people worldwide with satellite-based products and services such as barcode scanners,  handheld computers, labels, high-speed label printers, Vocollect voice recognition headsets and more. 

Our solutions leverage best-in-class hardware terminals, web-based tracking, fleet management software and flexible satellite airtime packages.   

Honeywell also makes personal protective equipment to keep workers safe.

Aerospace and Defense Speed Sensors

Honeywell is an industry leader with a broad portfolio of sensing, switching, and assembly solutions. With over 50 year’s experience designing and delivering aerospace products, Honeywell’s core expertise includes engineering, sensor development, analog/digital electronics, and environmental packaging. Part and assembly customization is a Honeywell strength.

CT45 / CT45 XP Handheld Computer

CT45 mobile computers, built on the Mobility Edge platform, are rugged, all-purpose productivity tools ensuring ultra-reliable performance, data connectivity and communications for front-line mobile workers in retail, logistics and fieldwork.

Aerospace Position Measurement for Cockpit Controls  

Comprehensive Offering. World Class Performance. Across the range of Honeywell's Aerospace position measurement products, there's a consistent theme of rugged design and unparalleled support that Honeywell customers agree is not easily found elsewhere.

VRS High Temperature Series for Landing Gear

High Temperature VRS sensors are designed for use in applications where the sensor is exposed to temperatures up to 260 ºC [450 ºF]. Sealed Front-End versions are available for applications where the sensor is exposed to fluids, lubricants or adverse environmental conditions.

Runway Safety

Smart Airplanes are Transforming Travel

Sensors and Switch solutions for Aerospace and Defense