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In today’s retail environment shopper expectations have shifted from the perceived need to go into a store, to buying online and picking up or having the product delivered to their home within hours. Much of this is driven by a decrease in loyalty to a specific retailer and a shift to shopping wherever the product is available. Ultimately, retailers with product availability during non-traditional store hours will win the business.  

Adapting to the preferences of today’s consumers means meeting them where they shop and conduct research, whether that’s on their phones, computers or in stores. As a modern retailer, your challenge is to integrate these channels into seamless shopping experiences that engage and delight your customers at every touch. But to execute on this omnichannel retail model requires fail-safe order fulfillment strategies, both in the warehouse and in your network of brick and mortar stores.

The Shift to Click and Collect
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Technologies Enable Transformation

Ensuring continuity across retailers’ eCommerce, in-store operations, and IT management, requires the right technologies to meet evolving expectations of associates and consumers. Honeywell delivers hardware, software, and services, to help retailers scale operations. We can help you provide the curated experience and immediate satisfaction today's consumers demand. 

From fast-moving inventory, store communications, SKU proliferation, click and collect fulfillment models, continual product evolution, fluctuating demand, omnichannel fulfillment presents many challenges for retailers. The task of selling across multiple channels not only adds to these complexities, but also provides opportunities to offer your customers value-added services that differentiate you from the competition.

CT40 Handheld Computer | Honeywell
Honeywell CT40 handheld computer is a sleek, enterprise-class, full-touch device for retail, light T&L, and DSD applications. Discover its features and benefits.

Xenon XP 1950g General Duty Scanner
Honeywell Xenon™ XP 1950 general duty scanner delivers industry-leading performance and durability. Perfect for high-volume scanning environments. Learn more.

Smart Talk Communication Solution
Discover Honeywell Smart Talk communication software, a secure solution for a productive business. Learn more about features and benefits.

Disposable Respirators
Increased protection against respiratory hazards in many different environments. Various products and sizes available.

Voice Direction Solutions
Honeywell Voice technology brings the benefits of voice-guided work to busy workflows in distribution centers, retail stores, maintenance operations, and more.

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