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Delivers the speed, range and accuracy to help boost performance across a wide range of camera-enabled devices and operating systems. Beyond barcode capabilities including augmented reality and optical character recognition (OCR).

SwiftDecoder™ is an easy-to-use Software Development Kit (SDK) that enables customers to develop native or hybrid apps that perform barcode decoding and more. SwiftDecoder™ allows end-users to acquire and process data and images quickly and reliably in the most complex workflows. Honeywell’s proprietary, enterprise algorithms deliver the speed, range and accuracy to boost performance across a wide range of camera-enabled devices and operating systems. SwiftDecoder™ has capabilities beyond barcode reading, such as augmented reality (AR) and optical character recognition (OCR).

SwiftDecoder Microservices​

Honeywell's SwiftDecoder solution enables barcode scanning apps and transforms mobile devices into powerful tools that help increase operational efficiency and decrease costs.

Integrate augmented reality elements into your applications with Honeywell SwiftDecoder™. Barcode location coordinates are used to overlay visual information for the end user.

Honeywell’s EasyDL software captures information quickly and accurately from driver’s licenses with no physical contact necessary, even in poor conditions.

Honeywell Easy Boarding Pass scanning capabilities reads the PDF417 barcode present on printed and digital boarding passes and parses the information such as flight, name, airport code, departure and arrival time.

SwiftDecoder™ unattended mode reads barcodes with a known location, symbol size and/or orientation for high-speeddecoding.

Honeywell’s Easy Motor Vehicle Documents reading software reads the PDF417 barcode and parses the data found on vehicle titles and registrations.

Honeywell’s OCR software captures and encodes information from sources where barcodes aren’t typically used, including typewritten, printed and even handwritten text. 

Combine the power of Honeywell’s barcode scanning and OCR technology to quickly and easily capture and record information from passports.

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SwiftDecoder core technologies, based on Honeywell's proprietary, field-proven algorithms, enable speed, performance, scanning range, and accuracy, with support for a comprehensive set of barcode symbologies.​ Your applications developed with SwiftDecoder can be easily integrated with many hardware and software platforms or used with off-the-shelf Android and iOS mobile devices.​