Delivering The Future With FarEye

What do Your Customers Think About the Deliveries They Receive from You? Delighted, Unpredictable or Reliably Later than Promised?

With the rapid growth in eCommerce transactions in recent months, putting increased strain on delivery operations resulting in challenges such as delivery delays, difficulty scheduling delivery times, inaccurate addresses, and first-time attempt failures. All these challenges negatively impact your customers’ experience and ultimately, your bottom line.

Honeywell has partnered with FarEye to optimize multi-step delivery processes to help businesses improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary delays that eat into profits and decrease customer satisfaction.

FarEye software can optimize logistics in three key ways:

  • Advanced Last Mile Execution Platform - An effective last mile execution platform with sophisticated routing algorithms (loop optimization, dynamic routing) to enable driver efficiency, customer satisfaction and cost savings.
  • Actionable Predictive Visibility Platform - Real-time transportation visibility platform that helps manufacturers, shippers and transporters achieve end-to-end predictive visibility through IoT-driven tracking of assets and shipments.
  • Customer Delight Across the Purchase Journey - Integrated web and mobile platform for retailers to deliver a superior customer experience through personalization of deliveries, post-purchase experience and real-time visibility.

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