The Connected Distribution Center Hero Image
The Connected Distribution Center Hero Image

The Connected Distribution Center

Leverage Data From Key Inputs for Real-time Asset Monitoring and Lifecycle Management Services

The pace of change in modern commerce is putting tremendous pressure on fulfillment operations. To stay competitive and protect profits, companies need solutions that help them achieve maximum throughput, day-to-day flexibility, future-proof scalability and intelligence to make informed decisions.

Combining machine-level sensors, smart controllers and connected devices, The Connected Distribution Center gathers data from key inputs to deliver vital information on asset health and facility performance in real time. The Connected Distribution Center helps companies make the digital transformation to increase reliability, improve utilization and maximize productivity through:

  • Intelligent, data-driven, high-speed execution
  • Automated, adaptable processes for machines and workers
  • Optimized utilization with the ability to seamlessly adapt and expand
  • Insights and predictive analytics, from sensors to the cloud

With end-to-end access and control capabilities, The Connected Distribution Center provides the unobstructed visibility to drive efficiencies within individual facilities and across an entire enterprise. Equipped with this information, you’ll have tools to take action and resolve issues — from anywhere, at any time.

Our Connected Assets offering builds upon this robust infrastructure to target specific, critical areas of your operations and keep them running at peak productivity levels. The outbound sortation package connects control systems and key sensors in line sorters, scanners, merge and transportation conveyors to provide real-time system status and historic insights into asset health and key performance indicators. With this information, you can detect, preempt and predict equipment failure and process inefficiencies to minimize unplanned downtime.

For the first time, every aspect of distribution center operations from receiving to shipping is connected and within your purview — from workers, automation and robots to sensors, analytic software and the cloud. The Connected Distribution Center allows you to capitalize on the deep, real-time information you need to holistically manage, control and accelerate every aspect of your operation.