Resource Retention Strategies

Engage and Retain Your Valuable Workers Through Labor Management Software

The distribution and fulfillment sector is experiencing a labor crisis. As industry growth outpaces available labor at a rate of six to one, distribution centers are often competing for the same limited local pool of resources. What’s more, workers are often enticed by minimal hourly rate increases to accept jobs at neighboring facilities. In this competitive labor market, distribution center (DC) operators must do everything in their power to retain their key employees. 

Honeywell Intelligrated provides the tools and technologies to help operators drive productivity, create an engaged workforce, and retain top-performing employees. Our labor management software (LMS) utilizes patented algorithms to detect behaviors that could indicate when an employee may leave. As a result, operators can make real-time labor optimization decisions and take actions to retain top performers or proactively replace them. 

If a stable, productive labor pool is critical to your current and future business successes, we can help leverage these tools to help create your DC Next.

Additional Tools to Implement Resource Retention Strategies