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Auxiliary Products & Accessories Hero Image

Auxiliary Products and Accessories

Automate Manual Palletizing and Depalletizing Tasks With Stackers, Dispensers, Turntables and Transfers

Additional pallet-handling products are available as stand-alone equipment or as part of a fully integrated pallet handling system.

  • Pallet load stackers: Eliminate manual pallet load stacking with this automatic in-line stacker of heavy loads. These offer small footprints and minimal maintenance and are pre-wired and tested prior to shipment.
  • Pallet stackers: Fully automatic stackers designed to stack pallets to a defined height
  • Pallet dispensers: Fully automatic dispensers designed to release one pallet from the bottom of the stack
  • Sheet dispensers: Fully automatic dispensers that separate one sheet from the bottom of the stack
  • Pallet conveyor: A low-maintenance conveyor designed to economically transport palletized loads of different product types. Pallet conveyors can be integrated into any palletizing or depalletizing solution.
  • Turns and transfers: Multiple options for redirecting pallets to a different flow path are available, including:
    • Turntables: Provide smooth, stable and reliable rotation to ensure proper load orientation
    • Pivoting chain transfers: A cost-effective way to merge loads from multiple lanes into a common trunk line
    • Right-angle transfers: Facilitate 90-degree changes in direction of pallet flow