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Palletizer Systems Increase Throughput of Various Product Types

Keep your end-of-line packaging, distribution and fulfillment operations moving at industry-leading speed — over 200 cases per minute or more — with Honeywell Intelligrated’s Alvey® palletizers and depalletizers. Whether you’re a food, beverage or consumer packaged goods manufacturer, or an omnichannel retailer, you’ll get the flexibility and dependability you need to stay at peak efficiency 24/7.

Honeywell Intelligrated engineers can install single machines at your site, or set up complete systems fully integrated with your existing conveyor and other material handling equipment.

Technologies include:

Alvey 680 Series Palletizers

These lower-speed, floor-level case palletizers are designed for a range of throughput capabilities. Eight different arrangements allow the operator to configure case infeed, pallet feed and load discharge to fit any layout. Pattern utility software enables quick case pattern creation from a touch-screen interface.

The Alvey 680 Series is available in three models:

  • Model 680: The lowest-speed palletizer of the series handles up to two layers per minute
  • Model 680-R: Similar to the 680, this machine features additional row accumulation to increase rate speeds to three layers per minute
  • Model 681: This model features a designated layer-accumulation area capable of palletizing up to five layers per minute

Alvey 750 Hybrid Palletizer

Specifically designed for industries with small and lightweight packaging, the Alvey 750 combines flexibility with gentle handling while forming more complex loads such as those with labels or graphics facing outward. A medium-speed palletizer with high-level infeed, the machine is capable of speeds to 50 cases per minute. An optional in-hoist, stretch-wrapper/bander provides exceptional load stability.

Alvey 780 Series Palletizers

These compact, mid-speed palletizers are engineered for single- or multi-line applications with a clean, simple design. This palletizing equipment uses a recirculating or reciprocating row pusher to create a layer of product.

Utilizes the same pattern utility software available for the 890i Series.

Alvey 890i Series Palletizers

This series of mid-speed palletizers is designed for easy operation and maintenance in a compact footprint. The exceptional flexibility and versatility of the 890i Series enable the machines to handle a wider variety of package types and intricate stacking patterns.

  • Model 890i: Delivers reliable throughput at rates up to 45 cases per minute, with the ability to handle a diverse range of package types, including small, unstable products
  • Model 891i: Uses a level, non-pitched layer accumulation table as a buffering mechanism for throughput rates up to 70 cases per minute, depending on case size and stacking patterns

Pattern utility software enables quick case pattern creation from an intuitive touch-screen interface, which also provides advanced diagnostics. High-level infeed allows product to feed directly from overhead conveyor or accumulation lines at the rate of more than 50 cases per minute. Optional in-hoist stretch wrappers or banders are also available.

Alvey 900 Series Palletizers

The Alvey 900 Series palletizers are the most popular machines in the in-line palletizing equipment market. In fact, many have been in continual operation for more than 30 years. Manufacturers prize them for their superior package handling, pattern-forming flexibility and reliability. They’re also available with optional in-hoist stretch wrappers or banders.

The Alvey 900 Series is available in five models:

  • Model 910: Entry-level, in-line palletizer offers throughput rates in excess of 100 cases per minute
  • Model 941: Designed with high-speed features and one accumulation zone to offer throughput rates up to 125 cases per minute
  • Model 942: Provides higher-speed capabilities for more demanding applications requiring throughput rates up to 150 cases per minute; equipped with two accumulation zones
  • Model 943: Built for the most demanding applications, this higher-speed palletizer delivers throughput rates up to 180 cases per minute and provides three-layer accumulation zones
  • Model 944: Achieve industry-leading throughput speeds in excess of 225 cases per minute with this high-performance model; features four-layer accumulation zones

Alvey 950 Hybrid Palletizing Solutions

These high-speed, in-line robotic palletizers incorporate one or more robotic arms to enable flexibility, gentle handling, and precise, repeatable pattern forming at speeds of more than 125 cases per minute. The 950 Series is great for handling small packages and complex patterns (such as labels/graphics out), as well as reduced secondary packaging applications and mixed-load palletizing with multiple product formats in a single load.

Four configurations are available. Contact us to determine which one is right for your operation.

  • Model 951-1: Features a single-layer accumulation zone and one robotic arm
  • Model 952-1: Supports higher-speed applications with two-layer accumulation zones and one robotic arm
  • Model 951-2: Single-layer accumulation zone and two robotic arms
  • Model 952-2: The fastest hybrid palletizer in the series, with two-layer accumulation zones and two robotic arms

Robotic Palletizers

Robotic palletizers from Honeywell Intelligrated are designed to increase your pattern flexibility and enable fast, easy product reconfiguration while increasing throughput, improving ergonomics and reducing labor costs. These modular solutions feature compact footprints that scale easily from a single robot to a large multi-arm system.

Robotic palletizer systems support robotic arms from multiple manufacturers, including Motoman, KUKA and FANUC. Standard and custom end-of-arm tooling options are designed and built in-house to ensure seamless integration. Software and machine controls are fully integrated as well, including support for PLC-based solutions.

If you’re looking for the flexibility to handle quick product changeovers and frequent packaging changes, our robotic palletizer options include single case, row or layer handling for mixed pallet load creation. IntelliGen® palletizing software allows operators to easily create and change layer patterns and load configurations, without the need for a service call or complex external software.

Want to explore multiple robotic palletizer options? Simulation software will help you determine system feasibility, while enabling efficiency testing, training and troubleshooting.

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