Sliding Shoe Sorter Hero Image
Sliding Shoe Sorter Hero Image

Sliding Shoe Sorter

Modular, High-speed Sliding Shoe Sorter Enables Flexible Divert Placement and Fast Installation

Our innovative sliding shoe sorter is engineered with standardized, modular components for faster, easier installation and greater flexibility in divert placement. Designed for high speeds, enhanced safety and faster commissioning, IntelliSort HS 2.0 delivers the highest throughput rates and most effective product handling. It’s also backed by the best warranty coverage available.

Design Innovations

  • Patented “soft touch” divert system provides high-speed, gentle carton control and divert accuracy by reducing item impact speed by 500 percent
  • Stealth shoe and hard coat aluminum flight design minimize non-conveyables and eliminate pinch points
  • Unrestricted divert locations, allowing down lanes to be located repeatedly anywhere along the full length of the sorter

High-speed Performance

  • Motion-controlled electronic switch technology ensures accuracy at high speeds
  • Industry-leading throughput rates with the fastest standard speeds and patented gapping technology

Enhanced Safety and Maintenance Features

  • Drive and idler guards prevent access to transitions between belt and flights 
  • Customer-specified guards span the length of each intermediate section
  • Optional, integrated side and bottom panels 
  • Re-designed, modular, standardized components reduce on-site spare parts stocking
  • 10-year chain warranty through The Connected DC 

Ease of Installation

  • Integrated components feature modular, standardized construction for quicker assembly and commissioning
  • Simple, flexible placement of diverts anywhere along the length of the sorter for easy installation adjustments as needed
  • Metric hardware for international installations

Fast Design and Delivery

  • Standardized design enables faster turnaround time on sorter quotes 
  • Modular components are in-stock for faster installation and commissioning