Wheel Divert  Sorter Hero Image
Wheel Divert  Sorter Hero Image

Wheel Divert Sorter

Jam-free Sortation and Diverts of Diverse Package Types With Pop-up Wheel Sorter

Our proven, pop-up wheel divert sorter is engineered for consistent, jam-free handling of smaller products. Designed for greater adjustability for the most effective handling of diverse package types, the IntelliSort® Wheel Divert features innovative, built-in maintenance, durable components and enhanced safety.

Design Innovations

  • Sorts and consistently orients packages as small as 4 x 6 inches at mid-rate speeds 
  • Pneumatically actuated divert system for clean, quiet operation
  • Easily adjustable divert wheel height improves divert performance and reliability
  • Clutch-driven, powered divert wheels extend product life and minimize jams
  • Urethane lagged and crowned pulleys enhance product tracking across the sorter

Enhanced Safety and Maintenance Features

  • Meets all ISO and CEMA safety standards
  • Reduced actuation noise level
  • Removable drawer for easy access to replace components or make adjustments
  • Removable divert mechanism tray can be replaced in less than five minutes