Air Fed Suits
Air Fed Suits

Air Fed Suits

Honeywell Air-Fed Suits protect workers against hazards in nuclear, chemical or biological environments. Designed to ensure freedom of movement.

Surround Yourself With Safety. Enjoy the Freedom of Movement

Exposure to radioactive particles during shut-downs or maintenance operations in nuclear plants, handling chemical compounds in pharmaceutical industries, researches on viruses in laboratories are hazardous activities.

Therefore, wearing high-quality protection is crucial for the safety of workers.

Honeywell air-fed suits are specifically designed to protect workers against hazards in nuclear, chemical, pharmaceutical and biological environments. The ventilated protective suits integrate respiratory protection and safety clothing to offer high-level protection and comfort.

Choose the air-fed gear that best suits your needs and benefit from an excellent visual field, freedom of movement, high adjustability and excellent air distribution inside the suit.

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