Continuous, Real-time Monitoring of Critical Systems for Operation and Maintenance Optimization

Connected Assets helps keep your critical systems running at peak productivity levels with a suite of robust software and asset-level sensors. The system continuously accumulates data on your equipment and system conditions to provide real-time status and data archiving for an expanded view of overall system performance. 

With Connected Assets, you can detect equipment degradation and process inefficiencies to identify conditions that could inhibit productivity or cause unplanned downtime. Connected Assets delivers:

  • Real-time notifications of issues affecting an asset or process 
  • Actionable insights to improve productivity 
  • A dashboard of key system parameters and metrics along with historical data trends for optimizing operation and maintenance 
  • The ability to predict and avoid unplanned downtime

How It Works: Connected Architecture

Connected Assets starts by digitally connecting sortation machine control systems and then extracting operational data. This gives you access to performance dashboards to monitor sortation system and sub-system statuses. You also can add machine-level sensors on key points of your sortation system to monitor equipment health and trending performance insights.

Connected control systems and machine-level sensors combine to provide insights into your sortation system’s real-time and historic trends.

Connected Assets utilizes a proven software suite that’s been used for decades in critical process industries:

  • Pulse™ mobile app — receive alerts and triage issues
  • Uniformance® Asset Sentinel — view live performance and asset health dashboards
  • Uniformance Insight — access historic trends on asset condition and system performance

Combined, these tools enhance your abilities to make informed decisions, take decisive actions, and accelerate issue resolution. 

How You Benefit From Enterprise Optimization

The Connected Assets platform delivers actionable, data-driven insights that enable you to achieve the critical business outcomes which matter most to you — both in individual facilities and across the enterprise. This optimization enables you to:

  • Compare DC performance across multiple sites
  • Improve productivity across your DC network
  • Relentlessly pursue innovation and accelerate the transition to automation
  • Achieve critical business outcomes and performance objectives
  • Reduce capital and operating expenditures (and make them predictable) by executing multi-year asset management plans

For more details, visit the main Connected Assets page.

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