Momentum eSim WES-enabled Simulation and Emulation

Many logistics operations recognize the need to increase efficiency in order to keep up with exploding e-commerce, tighter standards from customers and increasing consumer expectations. Yet many refrain from essential upgrades, demand more from equipment, and make inefficient resource choices due to fear of making the wrong decisions.

When your performance is on the line, simulation and emulation can offer significant competitive advantages — both before and after go-live — that reduce your risk, increase accuracy, minimize delays, and maximize your efficiency. While these capabilities are often available when commissioning a new project or working with an outside consulting service, they’ve historically been out of reach for operations that want to run simulations of their own.

Here are a few of the benefits Momentum eSim, our simulation and emulation tool, can provide your distribution center (DC):

  • Run countless scenarios on your own at any time
  • Validate performance before implementation
  • Design for maximum productivity
  • Make confident, data-driven buying decisions

To discover the full list of benefits, download our flyer now.