Automation: The Ultimate Future-Proofing Tool for Warehouses and DCs

While many companies were already challenged by the demands of omnichannel fulfillment, ever-evolving customer expectations, and shrinking delivery windows; 2020 forced them to navigate an entirely new set of complexities.

Beginning in March of 2020, the global pandemic not only pushed many of the world’s supply chains to their breaking points, but it also drove e-commerce sales to new heights and introduced companies to brand new requirements like social distancing in the workplace. The automation of warehouses, DCs, and stores — already well underway before COVID-19 — accelerated in 2020 as companies juggled a yearlong “peak” season for certain essential products, ongoing transportation constraints, and a persistent labor shortage.

To remain profitable while also enhancing their fulfillment capabilities during this constant period of uncertainty, companies invested in technology, automation, and advanced tools to help them endure the current environment and plan for the future. Learn how companies used automation to navigate the complexities of 2021 and to plan ahead for success in 2022 (and beyond).