2022 Robotics Trends: What’s Next for Distribution Centers

What happens when historic demand for e-commerce meets innovative technologies like robotic solutions? The combination of these two factors is creating a turning point in the distribution and fulfillment (D&F) industry that will shape the market for automation in the coming year.

This On The Move webinar will explore the market drivers that are rapidly changing the logistics sector and accelerating the demands for autonomous warehouse solutions. We’ll examine the exciting automation trends that are evolving to meet today’s unprecedented challenges — including the key technologies that are enabling big changes across the industry.

But the technologies themselves are only one part of the story. Growing demands from consumers and competition from rivals are inspiring creative new strategies and models. Many of these have only become possible thanks to recent advances in robotics, and you’ll discover how smart companies are leveraging them to take on the world’s e-commerce giants.

You’ll also learn what your operation can do to stay competitive. We’ll detail three key areas of focus that will be critical to implementing warehouse automation smoothly and taking advantage of its full potential. In addition, we’ll detail a real-world use case example — the Smart Flexible Depalletizer — which demonstrates the collaborative approach most likely to create opportunities for new breakthroughs in 2022 and beyond.

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