Overcome DC Workforce Attrition With Labor Management Software

The labor crunch is not letting up in the distribution and fulfillment (D&F) sector. Amid the historic highs of e-commerce adoption, distribution center (DC) operations are experiencing unprecedented lows in labor participation. As the demand for labor outpaces supply, retailers struggle to find the workforce to handle escalating order volumes. Meanwhile, competition for labor has driven up wages and created a workers’ job market where they’re empowered to seek alternative employment. As a result, DC operators are searching for new tools to help them attract and retain top performers.

This timely webinar will demonstrate how labor management software (LMS) provides the tools and technologies to help companies balance all variables of the labor equation. Attendees will learn how LMS can help them to incentivize performance, implement effective coaching, create a more engaged workforce, and increase overall fulfillment productivity — and in the process, meet rising customer service levels and grow their bottom lines.

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