9 Keys to Fortifying Fulfillment Operations

For companies in the distribution and fulfillment (D&F) sector, the onset of the coronavirus pandemic was an inflection point in the way they run their omnichannel retail fulfillment operations.

Consumer adoption of contact-less, online fulfillment options accelerated e-commerce growth to levels not previously expected for several years. As distribution center (DC) managers scrambled to manage the surge in order volumes, they also faced the prospect of implementing new workplace safety measures aimed at improving worker confidence and well-being. But many soon realized that they were unprepared to address emerging and unanticipated DC complexities.

This combination of demand spikes and workplace safety protocols created a perfect storm of D&F complexities for which most were unprepared to address.

Among the primary impacts of this rapidly changing environment include:

  • COVID-19 accelerated the growth of e-commerce 4 to 6 years faster than anticipated.
  • Investments in automation and robotics are expected to rise, especially as a replacement for non-value-add tasks and processes.

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