Applying Voice Technology to Multiple Workflows for Greater Productivity

All distribution and fulfillment (D&F) centers want to make the best use of their space. Warehouses are constantly trying to figure out how to keep the most inventory needed while maintaining productivity. Although some goals are shared, needs differ from operation to operation. Integrating voice technology has been proven to provide many benefits to DC operations of all sizes. Thus, it may be the missing link to ensure your operation sees high productivity levels today and in the future.

Many operations are still using manual logs and paper-based systems. Not only can this slow down the processes of fulfillment and shipping, it also opens the door to inaccuracies caused by human error. Should an order be shipped incorrectly, it would cost the operation both time and money to process the return and ship the correct item.

Many workflow systems in your operation can benefit from integrating voice technology. Whether it’s investing in a pick- or put-to-light system, making the training process for new hires easier, or helping to replenish SKUs that are running low or empty, voice technology has many uses throughout your operation that will yield monetary and productivity benefits.

Read our white paper to learn the many ways to integrate voice technology into your warehouse’s operation.