Breakthrough Robotics Empowering Distribution Centers

Robotics Empowering Distribution Centers
Robotics Empowering Distribution Centers

Today’s robots have come a long way from when they were first introduced. They’re smart enough to handle the dynamic, unstructured environments of modern distribution centers (DCs), working autonomously with more versatility than ever — even when no two tasks are exactly the same.

In fact, the days when robots were limited to performing repetitive tasks in highly controlled manufacturing environments are long gone. From artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to autonomous navigation and systems integration, cost-competitive robotic solutions are now available for challenges that had traditionally been considered unsolvable.

Best of all, Honeywell Intelligrated can help you to integrate robotic solutions designed specifically for the unique needs of the logistics industry. And the timing couldn’t be better. As the industry struggles to attract and retain good workers, robotics enable you to automate dull, dirty and dangerous tasks while allocating scarce human resources where they’re needed most.

To learn more about how advances in technology are finally enabling cost-effective automation for DCs of any size, download the white paper “Breakthrough Robotics: Empowering Distribution Centers”.