Future-Proof Your DC With Voice-Directed Workflows

Perpetual, exponential growth in online shopping continues to put immense pressure on distribution centers (DCs) and order fulfillment operations. Maintaining high order accuracy rates is among their biggest challenges. Consumers expect seamless and flawless online shopping experiences. Anything less than perfect — from a poor customer experience to a cumbersome returns process — will reflect negatively on the business and can prove costly.

Warehouses must be able to store an increasing number of SKUs and pick them accurately. To adjust to changing e-commerce demands, they must remain flexible to pick, pack and ship orders in a timely manner while achieving high levels of productivity. Operators can integrate voice technology into their workflows to manage business growth, increase picking accuracy, and create stable processes.

Automating material handling with voice-directed solutions will help warehouses increase operational efficiency. For instance, training new employees will become easier and take up less time. New employees taught with voice direction can be put to work sooner instead of having to rely on another staff member to train them. And as voice-directed solutions help workers to pick, pack and ship orders in less time, it boosts throughput, increases accuracy, and improves end consumers’ experiences.

Read our white paper to learn more ways voice-directed workflows will improve your DC operation.