Improve Picking Workflows With Voice Technology

Picking is one of the most labor-intensive operations within the warehouse — making it one of the most likely supply chain processes that can be improved with voice technology. Voice is proven to have significant, positive impacts on productivity and efficiency: it cuts operational costs, increases worker productivity, improves customer satisfaction, and enhances operational agility.

Many operations still rely on paper methods to track inventory and pick orders. This leaves much room for human error and costly mistakes to occur. The mundane and repetitive nature of order picking also leads to employee burnout and retention issues for operations that are already seeing many jobs going unfulfilled. Inaccurate order picking sends ripples throughout the supply chain, such as slowing down workflows and increasing operating costs.

Watch your productivity improve after integrating voice technology for picking methods. Your operation will need less auditors, which means you can better manage your labor pool and reallocate your workforce to tasks and departments that need help most. The pickers who remain will be more focused while having their hands and eyes free to concentrate on the task at hand, and your warehouse will see a reduced number of items returned due to inaccuracy.

Read our white paper to learn how voice technology increases order picking, reduces costs, and boosts efficiency.