The Need for Autonomous Case-Handling Robots

Autonomous Case Handling Robots, or ACRs, are designed and built to aid users in the traditionally manual operations of storing goods and fulfilling orders. ACRs are able to take on the riskier tasks of retrieving cases from racking and navigating from the storage to fulfillment areas of the facility. This allows workers at the facility to be located at goods-to-person stations, where the system delivers the cases needed to pick up to 30 orders at one time, per station.

HAIPICK equipment with Intelligrated software and support


Significantly improve storage density by using the vertical space above racking that cannot be reached by traditional AMRs. ACRs decrease the space needed for aisles as they can pull cases from either side of the aisle.

ACRS transfer parcels from storage to fulfillment stations or conveyor. The WES program directs the robots to deliver the correct tote at the right time to the right location. Multiple ACRs offer extra resiliency to the system, with the ability to continue material flow with a bot under maintenance, unlike a traditional solution.

Goods-To-Person stations offer ergonomic work areas designed to utilize quality control measures, such as parcel weight verification, to ensure order accuracy.





HAIPICK Autonomous Case Handling Robots Case Studies

See how HAI Robotics has helped achieved success for their partners with Autonomous Case Handling Robots.

Learn more about the available configurations offered by HAI and Honeywell Intelligrated below.
Fastest available implementation, can utilize existing racking!
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ACR and AMR configurations
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Highest throughput, highest density (case or tote items)
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