Honeywell Guided Work Solutions

With analytical insights, transform worker mobility to create more efficient distribution center operations. See how a distribution site analysis can benefit your business.

Improve labor productivity
Voice Guided Work Solutions enables employees to optimize performance with the elimination of distractions and unnecessary steps.

Reduce Safety Incident
Guided Work Solutions allows employees to be hands free with focused attention on each task which provides for a safer workforce which encourages high retentions rates.

Reduce Training Time
Rapid training of a more diverse workforce, including temporary employees, cross-trained associates, and non-native speaking employees.

Improve Cycle Time
Honeywell Voice Automated Solutions guide mobile workers through each task; worker responses trigger their next step in the process or workflow, allowing you to move workers where they are needed most.

Explore Honeywell Guided Work Solutions Features

Rugged Hardware Devices

Pair Guided Work Solutions (GWS) software with industry leading rugged, purpose-built devices, general purpose mobile computers and an elite headset line for best outcomes. Honeywell’s A700x series is designed to integrate with the GWS  software to deliver favorable performance in speech recognition, text to speech, radio and Bluetooth communications, battery life and much more.

Easy adoption with Speech Recognition

Honeywell's industry leading, AI-driven speech recognition supports more than 40 languages with zero operator training, reducing onboarding time in a high-turnover industry. Over time, we continue to improve performance, accuracy and employee experience from that first day by adapting to workers’ individual speech preferences, minimizing the need for repeating spoken interactions, thereby increasing productivity.

Customizable Connector Solutions

Packaged out of the box, customizable Connector solutions provide no-code to low-code deployments and integrations to almost any Host system. Customized configuring is made easier with GWS connector, thereby enabling rapid deployment.

Ease of Manageability

Includes both on-premise and Cloud options for managing all areas of the voice solution including licensing, devices, accessories, peripherals, mobile software, worker/user profiles, and workflow software.


Tools and automations to manage, troubleshoot, and improve your operations including connectivity, travel time, idle time, speech recognition, noise congestion, utilization, productivity, and more.

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