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Discover an innovative tool for overcoming three common challenges that may be holding your DC back: aging equipment assets, labor and skill shortages, and limited visibility into your business operations.

Webinar duration

Thursday, June 23

Webinar duration

2 p.m. EST (11 a.m. PST)

Webinar Details

How Incremental Improvements Can Reduce Your Cost Per Case Shipped

Today’s distribution centers (DCs) need to ship more products faster than ever before. With growing e-commerce demand and increasingly tight service level agreements (SLAs), even small increases in productivity and cost savings can significantly impact a bottom line. In this informative webinar, you’ll discover an innovative tool for overcoming the common challenges that may be holding your DC back and also learn about value-added services (VAS) that can unlock your operation’s full potential by leveraging key performance data. 

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Meet the speakers

Anish Chakrabarti

Anish has been with Honeywell for over 7 years and is currently a product manager for Honeywell Forge Connected Warehouse with a focus on Portfolio Operations (Site Ops + Global Ops) software. In a previous role, he served as a software engineering program lead for the Amazon program of $1.4B.

Mitul Desai

Mitul is a part of the Honeywell Intelligrated LSS team. He has been with Honeywell Intelligrated since 2010 and focuses on the Data Analytics product offering. Before that, he came from the LSS program and project management team and has over 5 years working with large strategic customers.


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