MODEX 2022 Recap

Empower Your Distribution

At MODEX 2022, we showcased solutions that can help you Enable Possible in your operation.

We know that success in today’s rapidly changing logistics market depends more than ever on satisfied, happy customers. Discover how Honeywell Intelligrated can empower your operation with individual solutions anywhere in your supply chain, a gradual upgrade migration path or a complete end-to-end solution.

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Smart Flexible Depalletizer   

Now you can depalletize mixed-SKU or single-SKU pallets — in any sequence or pattern — without requiring any pre-programming or operator intervention.

Next-generation Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) Shuttles and Goods-to-person (GTP) Stations 

Maximize your warehouse floor space and efficiently manage a wide array of stock keeping units (SKUs) with high-speed shuttles, configurable lift locations and plug-and-play GTP/decant stations.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)  

Smart, safe and efficient automation on-demand for pallet conveyance, picking assistance and cart transport tasks.

Robotic Unloader  

Fully autonomous unloading of trucks and trailers for applications with standardized cases.


Our computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) designed specifically for material handling equipment (MHE) that helps your team to maximize assets with preventive lifecycle maintenance.

Lifecycle Support Services (LSS) System Operation Consulting  

Expert insights to optimize your MHE and run at maximum capacity while providing reliable and efficient operation.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)  

A data-driven architecture designed to maximize equipment uptime, establish a system of record, and identify hidden opportunities.

Momentum Warehouse Execution System (WES) Software  

A next-generation software platform that leverages advanced machine-learning algorithms, data-driven optimization techniques and decision intelligence (DI) to achieve optimal execution strategies and business results in complex fulfillment environments.

Momentum Warehouse Management System (WMS) Software  

A robust WMS that can be precisely configured to your operation’s specific workflow and adapt quickly as your business grows; you pay only for the capabilities you need.

Momentum Labor Management Software (LMS)  

On-demand intelligence to measure, manage and plan labor for increased productivity, efficiency and facility performance.

Momentum Simulation/Emulation Operations and Solutions Development  

Powerful simulation and emulation tools to help you boost productivity, decrease waste, and meet future challenges.

Momentum Machine Control (MC4)

A modern, web-based, internationalized, modular and connected solution for conveyor and sortation control that maximizes throughput and accuracy while minimizing product damage.

Machine Control Business Logic (MCBL)  

A modular collection of key control functions that enables you to invest only in the systems you need.

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