50 year anniversary of the barcode

Dive with us into the barcode journey from its invention to the present day and beyond.

As we mark the 50th anniversary of the barcode, we reflect on prior innovations and technology progress, and look forward with new opportunities to pursue in the coming years.


Explore some of our Barcode Technology Solutions:

Barcode Scanning

Honeywell scanners have been the pioneers of premium scanning, offering performance and reliability that is among the best in the industry. In many industries, barcode scanning is a vital part of the workflow that enables efficient and streamlined operations. Deploying a reliable scanning solution can help an enterprise feel confident in meeting increased customer demands and heightened expectations and achieving lasting success.

Barcode Printing

For half a century, Honeywell has been at the forefront of revolutionizing industries through barcode technology. Our label printers are built for precision and reliability, empowering businesses across diverse sectors to streamline operations and optimize efficiency. With our cutting-edge solutions, we help enterprises unlock new levels of productivity and accuracy, driving success in every barcode scanned.

Barcode Decoding Software

Honeywell's SwiftDecoder solution transforms mobile devices into powerful tools that help increase operational efficiency and decrease costs. The software development kit allows customers to develop native or hybrid apps that perform barcode decoding. It leverages the latest vision technologies to enable data capture and efficient data processing at the edge using barcode decoding, Optical Character Recognition and Augmented Reality.


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Honeywell XenonTM Ultra 1960 & 1962 Premium Handlheld Scanner

Honeywell XenonTM Ultra 1960 & 1962 Premium Healthcare Handlheld Scanner

8675I Wearable Options


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Marking a key strength of our innovations, Honeywell's barcoding products and services are customized to meet the diverse and evolving needs of different sectors.


Through barcode-related technologies, we help businesses enhance their productivity, quality, accuracy, and profitability.