Protecting dental professionals and their patients.

By delivering PPE that protects dental professionals, we help them remain focused on what they do best: providing the highest quality dental care for their patients.

From protective goggles to surgical N95 respirators, dental professionals need PPE that meets the distinct needs of their profession. Starting with exceptional protection for them and their patients, we understand that PPE must also offer a comfortable fit throughout a long day of providing care. To learn more, download our Dental PPE Brochure.

Nitrile Exam Glove

Soft Comfort Nitrile Exam Glove, Soft Blue

This light-weight, powder-free, latex-free 9.5” glove is tested for use with chemotherapy drugs according to ASTM D6978. With the silky comfort of nitrile combined with the dexterity and sensitivity that compares to natural rubber latex gloves, it is ideal for patient care in a variety of healthcare settings.

Disposable Face Shield

Full Face Fluid Protection

Providing wraparound protection, our disposable face shields with comfort headband offer protection from fluid exposure. In addition, an anti-fog coating reduces fogging to help ensure good visibility.1

Procedure Mask

ASTM Level 2 Protection

Made in the U.S., our ASTM Level 2 procedure masks offer fluid-resistant protection for scenarios where low-to-moderate fluid exposure is expected. You’ll enjoy everyday comfort thanks to earloops that offer optimum elongation and an ultra-soft inner lining.

Surgical N95 Respirators

Fluid Resistance at 160 mmHg

Honeywell Surgical N95s are as reliable as they are comfortable. The lightweight construction gently conforms to the face to minimize pressure points, dual-welded straps make it easy to don and doff, and they offer the highest level of fluid resistance at 160 mmHg.

Goggles & Protective Glasses

High-Performance Eyewear

Our goggles and protective glasses deliver optimal protection and comfort. While they add another layer of protection from splash, splatter and spray, Honeywell eyewear also features best-in-class lens coatings that perform under the harshest conditions and task-specific lens tints that optimize visual acuity.1

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Maintaining Best Practices and Protecting PPE Supply

What steps does your hospital need to take to protect its PPE supply? In this whitepaper, you will discover why purchasing departments should consider diversification of manufacturer origin, how manufacturers’ suppliers may be affected during a crisis, new guidance from government agencies, and how to find high-quality, non-counterfeit products from fully vetted, qualified suppliers.

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1Operational Considerations for Personal Protective Equipment in the Context of Global Supply Shortages for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic: non-US Healthcare Settings