There’s no time to waste when there’s an emergency. Battling blazes and protecting the public call for immediate action. It’s also true of personal protective equipment (PPE) for first responders: it needs to be ready when they are.

We’ve increased our capacity to meet the needs of fire stations everywhere to deliver high quality Honeywell Morning Pride turnout gear, structural helmets, boots and more.

Lightweight Meets Heavy Duty

When battling blazes, nothing is more important to a firefighter than wearing a first-rate safety helmet. Discover how we've taken head/eye/face protection to a new level with our new, innovative Morning Pride Ben 3 Low Rider Plus Traditional.

Structural Turnout Gear

Honeywell Morning Pride® TAILS™ structural turnout gear has been re-engineered using advanced patterning technology to provide a better fit, new features, and allow more range of motion and protection, along with new ergonomic and safety refinements. 



Precision-engineered head protection with rugged, durable components that last. Unique design and materials provide superior protection and functionality. Features include strong shells, suspension systems for custom fit, low profiles for better balance and reduced neck strain. 


Our rugged professional boots combine durability, protection, and support with world class dexterity. Each style is engineered for comfort, safety, and control. Some with thermal lining to protect from punctures and deliver thermal stability to the leg and foot. 

Multi-response and Hoods

Honeywell Multi Response Gear offers protection for wide variety of scenarios beyond a structural fire call. It’s lightweight, durable and offers high mobility. Our hoods offer a particulate-blocking efficiency of 99.9%, while remaining breathable and thermally protective. 

Time is of the essence for first responders. To meet their needs, we’ve extended our delivery capacity for firefighter gear.

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