Apr 25


Transnorm at LogiMAT 2023

Join us to discuss how we can help you to resolve your current challenges and scale to meet your future operational goals. Meet our experts who will be on hand at the Honeywell stand in Hall 3, Booth A03, to offer insights into the latest developments in convey and sortation technology and how our solutions can help you to create safer, more efficient, and productive facilities.

Messe Stuttgart, Hall 3, Booth A03

Apr 25 - Apr 27, 2023

Distribution and sorting centres globally are caught between accelerating demands and limited resources. Although they believe they can’t afford to shut down for improvements or repairs, they can’t afford not to evolve either.

Transnorm builds robust, modular sortation and transportation conveyors that last for decades, enabling these operations to automate quickly and scale or reconfigure their systems as needed.

With these in place, throughput and accuracy soar to levels that can’t be achieved through manual labour alone. It’s the fastest, most efficient way to stay ahead of demand.

Explore our solutions, how they address your current challenges and how we can help you take your operations to the next level:

1. High throughput for tight spaces

Transnorm has developed scalable and modular automation equipment that allows system integrators and logistics managers to specify equipment which can be configured and customised for the optimum use of available space.

To find out more about our conveyor and sortation solutions click here.

2. Compact alignment, reliable tracking

Goods tracking is essential for accurate processing in sortation and distribution centres, with reliable conveyor and sortation solutions being key to ensuring optimal operational performance. Conventional roller-alignment conveyors are often used as part of a sortation and conveyance solution to ensure that goods are correctly aligned for further processing and tracking. The large variety of packaging types, including polybags, proves challenging for conventional roller alignment conveyors to process because they cannot adjust to different sizes and weights. This, in turn, leads to package slippage and collisions, especially for small packages, which hinders ongoing package tracking.

The new Transnorm Compact Alignment Unit is shorter and more compact, designed for one-sided alignment of goods. Our rollers and tactile-sensitive capabilities guarantee more consistent package monitoring compared to traditional band-driven roller conveyors. This is due to enhanced entrainment ensuring the reliability of your package tracking experience. Its space-saving design makes it a perfect fit for almost any operation wanting to automate or reconfigure systems.

Click here for information on our new Compact Alignment Unit.

3. Global service and support network

Lifecycle Support Services provides customers with insights aimed at optimising operation of material handling equipment and ensuring that operations run at maximum capacity, providing reliable and efficient performance.

Our solution includes: 

  • Training: Instructing customer maintenance teams on modules, including preventative maintenance and troubleshooting. 
  • Parts assessment: Best practice consulting for parts cage management and analysis of current inventory. 
  • Repair Services: Save money and reduce your carbon footprint by taking advantage of Transnorm's belt and drum repair services. Parts repairs cost considerably less than purchasing new replacement parts, and you get a new limited warranty on repaired components.
  • Field and engineering services: Lifecycle management services that ensure maximum system utilisation, extended equipment life and minimised maintenance, and our engineering team dedicated to creating solutions to your fulfilment operational challenges.

Don’t miss the opportunity to consult with Transnorm experts about your operation’s unique challenges today.

To find out more about our Lifecycle Support Services solution click here.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with Transnorm and learn about our robust, modular sortation and transportation conveyors, enabling quick automation, scaling of operations, and system reconfiguration.

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