EasyDL 2.0 TotalFreedom Software Plug-In


Whether verifying a customer’s age or automatically populating an electronic form using their government-issued ID, the EasyDL™ 2.0 scanning software plug-in will simplify the process. Add it to compatible Honeywell 2D barcode scanners to improve accuracy, increase efficiency and reduce the liability involved with selling age-restricted products.

Key Features

Reduces Transaction Time by 95%

It takes the average person approximately 45 seconds to manually enter license data. In the two seconds it takes to scan a license’s barcode, EasyDL achieves the same result.

Eliminates Data Entry Error

The average person makes one error for every 20 words typed. EasyDL eliminates these costly errors by automatically populating electronic forms.

Reduces Liability

EasyDL 2.0 takes the guesswork out of age verification, reducing the liability of selling age restricted products to under age purchasers.

Achieves Regulatory Compliance

Comply with HIPAA patient confidentiality rules and other state and federal regulations regarding the acquisition of personal information by configuring EasyDL 2.0 to remove sensitive information from being transmitted to the host system.


Compatible with the Xenon XP family, Voyager™ 1400g, Vuquest™ 3310 and others.

Product Details

Honeywell’s EasyDL™ 2.0 software plug-in parses barcode data found on U.S. and Canadian government-issued driver’s licenses, identification cards, and U.S. military ID cards for applications involving age verification or automatic electronic form population.

Use EasyDL 2.0 in a wide variety of industries such as retail, healthcare and financial services to quickly and accurately populate an assortment of forms including:

• Employment applications
• Bank account applications
• Patient admittance forms
• Registration forms
• Loyalty program/membership applications
• Credit applications

At point of manufacture you can have EasyDL pre-installed on scanners such as the Xenon XP family, the Voyager 1400g or Vuquest™ 3310g scanners.

And because EasyDL software is installed directly on the scanner, it eliminates the need for your host system software to process the encoded information contained within barcodes. 

EasyDL 2.0 software is powered by our TotalFreedom™ open-system architecture – created to enable development for Honeywell scanners.

EasyDL 2.0 TotalFreedom Software Plug-In