EasyParse for GS1 TotalFreedom Software Plug-In


Improve scanning accuracy, increase efficiency and compliance with GS1 Sunrise initiatives, including GS1 Sunrise 2010, 2012 GTIN Sunrise, and GS1 Sunrise 2014 – all with EasyParse™ for GS1 barcode software. This plug-in easily parses GS1 application identifiers, enhancing compatible Honeywell scanners and engines for greater supply chain versatility.

Key Features

Achieves Industry Compliance

Facilitates compliance with GS1 Sunrise initiatives by configuring EasyParse for GS1 to recognize the application identifiers found in select barcode symbologies.

Enables Accurate Data Capture

Improves operations by allowing host systems to correctly capture the data encoded in select barcode symbologies through use of available application identifiers.

Easy to Integrate

EasyParse for GS1 is installed directly on the scanner, eliminating the need to make costly and time-consuming changes to the host application software.


Compatible with products such as the Xenon XP Family, Voyager Family, VuQuest 3320g, Genesis 7580g and many others. 

Product Details

The GS1 system of standards is the most widely used supply chain standard system in the world. Organizations in many industries need to achieve compliance with various GS1 Sunrise initiatives to maximize efficiency and maintain positive trade relationships.

That’s why we developed the EasyParse for GS1 scanning software plug-in.

When you enhance a Honeywell imager with EasyParse for GS1 software, you’ve taken an important step toward achieving improved accuracy, increased efficiency and GS1 compliance. EasyParse software parses application identifiers (AI) found in various barcode symbologies as outlined in the GS1 General Specifications. Then it delivers the selected data sets in the format that the host application supports.

EasyParse for GS1 is an intelligent solution for organizations in industries that use the application identifiers found in GS1 barcodes:

• Retail
• Healthcare
• Transportation and logistics
• Consumer electronics manufacturing
• Defense

And because EasyParse for GS1 software is installed directly on the scanner, it eliminates the need for your host system software to recognize the AIs contained within select barcode symbologies found on various items.

EasyParse for GS1 software is powered by our TotalFreedom™ open-system architecture – created to enable development for Honeywell area-imaging scanners.

Find out more about what you can accomplish with EasyParse for GS1 software and Honeywell workflow solutions.

EasyParse for GS1 TotalFreedom Software Plug-In