Make a Smart Move to Mobile Robotics

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are among the fastest-growing automation strategies available to the logistics and manufacturing industries today. AMRs by Honeywell Robotics, supplied in collaboration with OTTO Motors, are smart enough to interact safely with human co-workers and other vehicles in a warehouse, find a different route if their original path is blocked, respond to rapid changes in orders or logistics needs, and even recharge themselves — all without human intervention.

AMRs are being deployed in warehouses to ease labor burdens, improve productivity and safety, reduce or eliminate manual entry errors, lower operational costs, and help operations to stay nimble in constantly changing market conditions. No tape, markers or wires are needed for navigation, and the robots require only a short set-up period to learn their surroundings — often as little as a few hours.

Mobile robots can automate a variety of warehouse workflows, including picking and cart transport, pallet conveyance, automated machine tending, replenishment, conveyor bridging, and empty tote or pallet return. Integrating AMRs is highly cost-effective and requires minimal information technology (IT) or infrastructural changes.

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