Dick's Sporting Goods  

Dick's Sporting Goods automation system
Dick's Sporting Goods automation system

Dick’s Sporting Goods was founded by its namesake Dick Stack when he was just 18 years old in 1948. Stack worked at an Army/Navy store in Binghamton, New York, when his idea of expanding its product line to include fishing supplies was mocked by the owner. Relating his disappointment to his family that night, his grandmother decided to give him her life’s savings and instructed him to “follow his dreams” with it. Stack opened the first Dick’s as a “bait & tackle” fishing supply store that same year, and expanded into general sports merchandise in the late 1950s.

Through its 340 store locations and a growing internet order business, Dick’s provides authentic full-line sporting goods with a broad assortment of brand name sporting goods equipment, apparel and footwear in a specialty-store environment.

To accommodate the requirements of the facility and system, Dick’s Sporting Goods expanded the Plainfield facility from 360,000 square feet to 725,000 square feet. The system consists of receiving, backstock, semi-bulk, quality audit, ticketing, open-to-hang, active, singles picking, return to vendor, claims, breakpack, store consolidation and shipping.

Honeywell Intelligrated developed an implementation plan with minor tie-ins performed at strategic times. Dick’s Sporting Goods continued to use the existing system until new areas of the system were ready for tie-in. The outcome resulted in a brand new conveyor system in an expanded building with no interruptions to existing operations.

Discover how Honeywell Intelligrated devised an automation implementation plan that allowed Dick’s Sporting Goods to have continuously uninterrupted operations.