Upgrade Machine Control to Enable Effective Warehouse Automation

MC4 provides a foundation upon which layers of advanced functionality can be added from the Momentum software suite. Each layer is designed to help businesses achieve their next levels of automation execution and fulfillment control.

WMS — The Momentum warehouse management system (WMS) is the top layer of the software system architecture.

  • Order/wave/batch management
  • Labor management
  • Inventory management
  • System capacity metrics
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration

WES — The Momentum software suite features a next-generation warehouse execution system (WES) that delivers more advanced fulfillment and holistic automation capabilities than machine control business logic (MCBL).

  • Data-driven order management and execution
  • Workload balancing, resource utilization and coordination
  • Intelligent prioritization and dynamic resource planning

Discover the other layers of MC4 and see how they can work together to offer your warehouse the most efficient automated solution.