You need to know how distribution centers (DCs) work in order to make robotics work for distribution centers — and no one knows DCs better than Honeywell Intelligrated. Many tasks that have traditionally been challenging to automate are possible today with smart robotic solutions from Honeywell Robotics, including goods movement, pick-to-cart/pick-from-cart, palletizing/depalletizing, product singulation and unloading/loading freight.

Automate 2022: Integrated Robotics Demo

OTTO Lifter: Autonomous Forklift

Smart Flexible Depalletizing

The Robotics Revolution for Distribution Centers

Pallet Conveyance

Robotic Unloader

Picking and Cart Transport

Honeywell Robotics Sorter Induction

2020 MODEX Shipping Demonstration

2020 MODEX In-booth Seminar: Optimizing Robotic Solutions in the DC

Robotics: Optimization of Technology and Labor in Distribution Centers